If you want to start your business in UK with:
Business Bank account, Stripe account, amazon, eBay, Shopify. Or you want to pay VAT.

Contact us anytime! For over 2 or more orders you can get discount!

We provide UK company registration with 100% legal way.

we are registered agent from Company’s House UK and HMRC.


Our Services

  • Physical business address (with utility bill)
  • UK official phone number
  • UK-LTD all documents (soft and hard copy)
  • UTR
  • Auth Code
  • Login
  • Confirmation Statement filing
  • VAT registration

Note: 90% Sellers do not provide Company Auth code. But here we provide Auth code for all of our customers.

Additional Services

  • Change name  
  • Add a director  
  • Add a shareholder 
  • Remove a director 
  • Change shareholding
  • Remove a shareholder
  • Change director's details
  • Change registered address
  • Initiate the company closure
  • Withdrawal of striking off application


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • PayPal and other bank card
  • UK VAT registration
  • Business SSL verification
  • Business Domain verification
  • Google business verification
  • Facebook business verification
  • Stripe verification

How much time it required?

Only 2 days.

Starting from £15